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I'm glad you're better now, and YAY for something new and dancy!

Of course, since it's 5AM right now where I live I'll just get ready to go to work, but when I'm there, I'll totally read this :D just wanted to give you a hug first


There \XD/

awww thanks for the hug =] i really appreciate it! XD i hope you enjoy it once you read it~

Yes! (Kinda like jewfro after push it) Everything I could imagine and then some. I really enjoyed ninja!Rachel having all the connections and being a pro ID maker.
I agree with Quinn's sentiments about the song... but I have a feeling it might be a new favorite of hers.

oh god i remember that scene XD and yes...the song, just might be quinn's favorite

lol i am glad you liked it and thanks for the read =]!

This is so sweet! I don't think I know what song that is but I will look it up. I love how Rachel is so sleek. Totally believable. Great way to hook them up together! I loves it.

lolol thanks for reading =]! sleek Rachel is so sexy

I prefer you in good spirits and writing, glad you're fine again.

I keep picturing Kurt singing the song with Finn and Puck in the back lyrics for some reason and it cracks me up. Ok, on with the fic.

The two lifes of Rachel Berry, it suits her being capable of fabricate fake IDs XD. This is funny and hot - great, great dance scene - and I approved of all of it wholeheartedly.

aww thanks and LOLOL Kurt singing this song?? LOLers XD

thanks for reading it =]! and i love your icon <3 kagami~

Oh my god i LOVE this! i laughed so hard you have no idea.

~Obvious icon is obvious.

ahahahahah thanks for reading it and im glad you enjoyed it

kudos to your icon XDD

(Deleted comment)
hahahah Rachel Berry as a badass should be THE thing, just saying lol

i am glad you enjoyed it thanks for reading =] and thanks, i just always need a good dose of writing to lift my spirits~

Great song! I love it too. I also love how you used the actor's/actress's names for their IDs. That was pretty funny =) Wonderful job!

hahah thanks for reading it =]

Wow, great fic. loved the club scenes and double-life Rachel is sexy! Great job!!!

Re: Freaking Awesome!!

yess double-life Rachel is sooo hott XD i really want a spy!AU now...lololol

thanks for reading it =]

I love badass!Rachel and you wrote her so well!
The dance scene was fantastic!

ahahah thank you, i've been working harder on the characterisations so im glad you liked it =]

ps i love silvia/pepa

OMG, That was amazing. Seriously, so well written, and you really got their voices perfectly. :D
You're awesome.

ahahahaha thank youuu =] im glad you really liked it!

Very nice! Love badass Rachel! And all her requests were nicely thought out and funny. I especially love how Finn ended up doing more than he wanted lol. The dancing was hot!

lololol i always love picking on Finn he's soo entertaining to pick on XD he just doesnt think straight half of the time XDD

i am glad you enjoyed it =]!

(Deleted comment)
I remember someone mentioning this song and I knew it would be good. Beyond good, blew me away. Love it. Thanks heaps for sharing

=] thanksss i am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

Badass!Rachel is always welcome and such a hot image ;)
I like that Puck/Rachel interaction, they make a great match.
The ID's names were a total win!!

hahaha yess XD i've always had a soft spot for Rachel/Puck, only as friends though because they seem funnier like that than anything more

thanks for reading =]!

This was a great read. Rachel having a BA did I ever not think of that before. Of course Rachel Berry would rock like that!

Quinn talking about The Agron, and Lea, and Spring Awakening was FAN-TASTIC. I lol'd. And, d'aww, Rivera-Morris <3.

Santana in this, oh, be still my heart. Never change, ever.

first off...i dont think i can EVER get over your icon...everytime i see it i die of sheer joy, abgron FTW!

lolol Quinn is very enlightened with real people XDD and Rivera-Morris...a girl can dream XDD

thanks for reading it and im glad you liked it! =D




yeah totally loved this.

lololololol <3 your wording hahaha

thanks for reading and enjoying =]

hahaha! i love how rachel involved everyone just to get her bb! love love

rachel has to utilize all of the tools in the tool box XDD especially for quinn

im glad that you liked it and thanks for reading =D!

LMAO at Rachel making the IDs! And using the cast's names was just great :D

Awesome fic - hot, well-developed, and I love the payments Rachel wanted from all of them XD

Thanks for the read!

ahah thanks for the reading and commenting I could not resist the meta references at all soo I am glad you liked it =]

xD loved it. and the last line made me giggle

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