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If You're Sexy and You Know It
doctor who, jenny
Title: If You're Sexy and You Know It
Rating: PG-13 for badassery...with dancing
Length: 7,150
Characters: Rachel/Quinn, everyone else~
Spoilers: AU [somehow easier to write Quinn as HBIC and still in Glee]
Summary: this prompt at rq_meme 
A/N: I know I was feeling down in the dumps earlier this evening. However, I figured out my cure; just to keep writing more stuff. Which is great because this fic is a TWO-FER! Because 1) I filled out a prompt and 2) I turned it into a dance!fic for kidney8  who recommended the song 112 - Dance With Me, which is another one of my favorites of all time. I have never done a dance!fic before but I thought that I would give it a try. I mean, nothing to lose right? So what the heck. I hope you enjoy this fic~ and anon, thank you for the prompt, I <3 badass!Rachel
A/N2: Meta references just for S&Gs!
A/N3: I haven't worked with a beta before =.=, I should but I don't know...XD anyways because I haven't worked with a beta all of these mistakes are my fault and since its about 4am where I am, I haven't gotten much sleep so sorry for the unusual mistakes if there are any. I honestly dont know....

Puck rushed into the chorus room as if a fire was chasing after him. He thought nothing of his entrance and immediately sauntered over to Brittany and Santana.

"This better be good, Puckerman," Santana hissed as she pulled her attention from Brittany.

"There is a new club in Lima," Puck announced to the Cheerios with a sing song voice. Both of the girls were interested in what he had to say. He clicked his tongue and wiggled his eyebrows. "I was thinking that you ladies would appreciate a fine gesture of me being able to take you."

The whole room buzzed with excitement. Finally! Something new in Lima! Everyone had decided to go at the sound of it.

Before Santana could say anything else, Kurt interrupted. "Puck, don’t you know that the club you are referring to is for anyone over the age of 21?" He rolled his eyes.

"I am pretty sure your mother wouldn’t let you out of the house if she knew you were going to a club," Quinn reminded, knowing mother Puckerman's reactions to his schemes. She would only have a heart attack.

"Hey, I don’t have to tell her everything," Puck defended. "Besides, you guys are going to end up going anyways."

Kurt looked on at Mercedes and shrugged. "I am game if you are. It would be a refreshing change than just going bowling or to the mall all of the time."

"Yeah, we should check out this place, after all, I need to let my body loose a little," Mercedes added with a deviant smile. "Glee only has so much dancing for me to do because someone has to be given baby steps."

Finn scrunched his eyebrows and stopped tapping at the drum set. "Hey! I resent that! I can dance too." He pointed the drumsticks at Puck. "You can count me in, Puck!"

Puck groaned into his hands. It was only intended for him to look good for Brittany and Santana. "Why don’t we all go together then?" he added sarcastically.

The sarcasm didn’t register in everyone's mind as they all chimed in agreement. Puck groaned even more. Mike and Matt looked on with excitement as they high fived Finn. Everyone followed suit, giving high fives to one another in excitement.

"There is still one thing that needs to be answered," Quinn reminded as she crossed her arms and legs. The Cheerios skirt pushed itself higher up Quinn's legs. The rest of the room going quiet to listen.

"Yeah," Artie agreed and finished Quinn's thought, "How are we going to get into the club? I mean, all of us are barely 18; we can’t just use our own IDs. Where are we going to get fake ones?"

"Don’t worry guys, I got it covered. I know this guy in downtown, who takes care of it," Puck eased. "I will get you all fake IDs and we will be solid for this weekend." The whole room buzzed with excitement again.

"What's going on this weekend?"

Everyone turned their attention and saw Rachel entering the room. They froze, unsure of what to do or say. Quinn scoffed and crossed her legs. They looked at one another. All eyes turned to Puck, who merely shrugged.

"A new club opened up and we were thinking about going," Puck honestly answered. He had half a decent mind considering, 'Us Jews have to stick together.' That and he always had a soft spot for Rachel, who could blame him, because under all that argyle there was a hot bod. "Wanna go?" He could feel the daggers from all the other Gleeks.

"Although, I deeply appreciate the notion of inviting me to such an event, I am going to have to decline," Rachel returned and could feel the room feel relieved. She wasn’t offended at all.

The rest of the club was glad she wasn’t going. They were afraid she would just ruin the whole experience with her incessant talking. They also expected a long lecture on the wrongs of going into a club under illegal circumstances, but the lecture never came. Instead, Rachel took it gracefully and started doing scales with Brad. The rest of the club resumed their buzz about the weekend.

Quinn kept her eyes on Rachel as the girl practiced her scales. She crossed her legs again. The sight of argyle and knee socks annoyed her to no end. Yet, her mind wandered off to what Rachel would look like if she was at the club with them, in normal clothes.

"Q, if you wanna bone her, all you have to do is ask," Santana whispered as Brittany animatedly talked to Puck.

Quinn shook her head. "Shut up, Santana," she brushed off.

The Latina shot her a knowing look. "I am not judging you, Q. I am just saying that you're just exposing yourself with those sex eyes of yours, anyways. Might as well do something."

"Go away, S," Quinn hissed again. The other girl merely laughed before leaving her alone. Quinn just continued to stare at the brunette until Mr. Schuester arrived.


"What did you just say?!" Santana screeched at Puck that the chorus room echoed.

Brittany, Mike, and Matt stopped dancing, Finn, Tina, and Artie stopped talking, Kurt and Mercedes stopped gossiping, and Quinn and Rachel stopped practicing. All of them turned their attention to Santana's sudden outburst.

"Are you kidding me?!" Santana yelled before reaching out to lash at Puck. Brittany quickly ran to Santana's side to hold the girl back. Finn followed after, knowing Santana had a lot more strength than she let on.

"What’s going on?" Finn asked as the rest of the club gathered close.

Rachel stood at the piano with Quinn, ignoring the rest of them. Both of them continued to go over the new number. Quinn desperately tried to remain focus on Rachel helping her.

"This idiot--"

"Hey!" Puck yelled in protest.

Santana threw him a look to tell everyone.

He sighed in response and jammed his hands in his pockets. "I told you I would be able to get the IDs..." All of them looked at Puck to continue. "Well, I can’t!" An uproar picked up among them all. "Look guys, my guy closed shop. He told me he wasn’t good enough because someone else had been picking up the business with a 'superior skill.' So, Stevie can’t make us any fake IDs."

Rachel's attention was caught by the name but she refocused her attention on the blonde. She tried to ignore the rest of the conversation.

"Did he give you a name? Maybe, we can as this guy to make us some," Artie posed as a suggestion. All of them seemed in agreement.

"It better be for a good price too," Mercedes added.

Puck rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably and glanced around the room. "He gave me a name..."

"So tell us!" Kurt pressed on.

The mohawked boy contemplated not telling them all but he had no choice, everyone wanted to go to the club. He was Puckzilla; he needed to keep his reputation. He was the source of badassery, but this time he had to give the reins up.

"So?" Tina added after a few moments Puck left to himself to think.

Puck picked up his head and jerked his thumb. Everyone turned to the direction of where he was pointing at.

"Quinn! You don’t understand this is the perfect number that we have to test for Invitationals. It is what is going to define what our generation has been like," Rachel rambled on as Quinn sat on the piano bench, trying hard not to stare too much at her lips.

"I am just saying that I am done with Madonna for awhile. She is getting ridiculously old," Quinn returned as she pressed a few keys gingerly.

"No way..." Artie stared in disbelief.

"This isn’t one of her recent songs. Those are ridiculous," Rachel insisted. "I am telling you 'Material Girl' is the perfect song--"

Quinn looked up in shock as the rest of the Glee club stood behind Rachel. They were like an army of crazed teenagers in line for Harry Potter at midnight. Rachel turned to what Quinn had been staring at and saw her peers were mere inches from her.

Her back hit the piano as they edged towards her. "Hello, to what do I owe this interesting...gathering?" she asked as she backed up. She turned her head to Quinn, who shrugged in confusion.

"Rachel, don't play stupid, we were talking pretty loudly," Santana said as she crossed her arms. Brittany wrapped herself around the shorter girl.

"No, really, what’s going on?" Rachel asked timidly. She tiptoed to see Puck in the back, looking shamefully at her.

"Puck told us you took over the business of making fake IDs," Finn added. A shine in his eyes followed as if he had scored.

"I didn’t take over any business," Rachel threw out in a huff. She looked at the team, their eyes said it all. "I merely expressed to Steven that his skills in making IDs were not to my satisfaction and that anyone with the right mind would be foolish to take up his services." Quinn tried to hold back a laugh at Puck, who just glared. "I just happened to find out how to make my own fake ID and people have been utilizing my skill."

"You have to prove it to us," Kurt said as he pushed his hair aside. "Puck and Stevie may say one thing but how do we know you are legit?"

Rachel rolled her eyes at Kurt's doubt. She reached into her purse and pulled out her wallet. The card easily pulled out and she showed it to Kurt and everyone else. "See?"

All of them stared in awe at the likeliness of the ID. The picture was clearly Rachel, but slightly older. The shine was definitely identical the actual state of Ohio driver's license. All of them dropped their jaws.

"You made this yourself?" Tina asked in shock. It was too good to be true.

"Of course, I did. If you want something done right, you do it yourself," Rachel stated confidently.

"And you gave yourself the name, Lea Michele?" Mike asked as he stared in confusion. "That sounds kind of familiar." All of them looked at each other and shrugged.

Rachel suddenly looked offended and quickly put her ID away. "So, what? You guys want me to make you fake IDs for this weekend or something?" she asked as she brushed aside her bangs. All of them in unison nodded and said, "Duh."

Rachel shook her head and the whole class was about to have another heart attack. "I don’t work for free." Everyone groaned. "It is going to come with a price, from each of you. If you aren’t willing to do something for me, I won’t be able to do anything for you." She shrugged and walked out of the room.


The next day, each of them gathered the heart to ask Rachel to make them an ID. It turned out that she didn’t ask much from each of them. Her requests were actually quite simple. She knew each of the members' strengths and weaknesses and decided to pinpoint what they could each do for her.

Mike and Matt asked together, so when they did Rachel basically asked them for the same thing. "Talk to Karofsky to back off, if you can't do that, you might as well be my body guards and warn me when he approaches with a Slushie," she simply told them to do.

The pair looked at each other. That was simple enough. Karofsky was always easily manipulated. All three of them shook on it and were on their way.


Artie thought he had the easiest thing. "I would like you to upgrade me to a desktop. It turns out my laptop doesn’t have the full capabilities of video and sound editing. I would like that so I can start working on my own CD."

"Girl, I got that down like the back of my hand."


"What?!" Mercedes screeched.

"I was just saying Mercedes. The Glee club needs better outfits. We are young and we can be flashy but at some points, you’re going to need to learn to integrate your fashion skills. So this next set of clothing is going to be simple," Rachel merely explained.

"I don’t do simple! The flash is what attracts attention. Not argyle and pantsuits!"

"One set of clothes for the Glee club," Rachel crossed her arms. "There is always time for a change."

Mercedes tried bargaining otherwise but no avail. She shook on it begrudgingly. Damn, I have to make 'simple' clothes? This better be worth it.


"Is that even a valid request?" Tina asked incredulously. "I mean I can’t do that all the time. The last time I did it, he almost shit his pants."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "Dressing as a vampire and scaring Principal Figgins into enforcing the non-bullying policy is easy. You know that he is terrified of them. So you might as well use that to all of the Glee club's advantage."

"If you say so..."


"But Rachel, what about football? I am already busy enough with that!" Finn exclaimed once he heard her request.

"Finn, it is clear that you are the main lead of New Directions and I would appreciate some support if you went to vocal lessons with me every now and then," Rachel reasoned as best as she could. She was originally going to ask Finn to back off of a particular blonde, but that would be ill advised because he would end up doing it anyways.

"How many lessons?"


"What?! No! 1."




"No! That's ridiculous! 6!"



Rachel found herself successful. The easy terms were done and over with. Now she needs personal favors. She had a plan. After all she was Rachel Berry. Her plans always found its way into place.

"You want me to what?"





"How hard is it Kurt to do it? I mean you've already done it once, just in a bad case. So I am asking you once again, would you give me a make over?" Rachel asked.

Kurt sighed. "This better be worth it."


"Puck, you completely threw me under the bus yesterday. Although, I do appreciate this favors, I do not appreciate a fellow Jew abusing my skill," Rachel lectured.

"Look, Rachel, I am sorry. I thought about it but I was outnumbered and I still have to be a badass," Puck reasoned. He felt guilty for throwing her under the bus. Now, he could at least focus on getting some new meat at the club, MILFs especially loved him. "So, what would you like me to do for you?"

"I need you to keep Finn away from Quinn at the club. Distract him with some other women."

He looked at her in confusion. Quinn? Then realization spread across his face. "I see. That won’t be a problem at all." He wiggled his eyebrows at her suggestively. Rachel scoffed at him and walked away.


Rachel contemplated what to ask of Brittany and Santana. They seemed to be the most useful pair out of the whole Glee club, simply because they were always together and had their own schemes going on.

"So, Puck told us what you wanted him to do," Santana smirked as she shut Rachel's locker.

Rachel gasped and looked at the girl, annoyed because she hadn’t finished getting her books out. She turned her attention to open her locker.

"Berry," Santana tried redirecting her attention. Her patience wearing thin.

"I heard you the first time, Santana," Rachel responded as she contemplated which books she needed. "Except, I am the one asking for favors. Not you."

A surprised gasp escaped Santana as Brittany rubbed her arm gently. "Look--"

Rachel shut her locker. Inside she knew she was frightened to death of Santana but she had her own business to attend to. "I am sure I know what I want in life Santana, Brittany. However, the question is always can I get it? I am sure because you've heard what favor I asked of Puck, that you could somehow assist me. And yes you can, I want you to stick with Quinn that night."

"Why?" Santana reflexively snapped.

"Because, I need time to charm her. I don’t think she would appreciate me suddenly ruining her chances with someone, who finds her attractive as I do. She would be more annoyed than flattered," Rachel explained. She stared at Santana and Brittany, who looked at her to say that she was just kidding. "What?"

Santana quickly answered before Brittany could get a word out. "Sure, we will make sure Quinn is cockblocked. But it better not be for the whole night. Brittany and I need our time too."

"Of course, I will have Quinn Fabray by the end of the night," Rachel definitely stated. She walked away while, Santana and Brittany lingered behind.

"Why didn’t we tell her Quinn wants her?" Brittany asked Santana quietly as Rachel strode away.

Santana shrugged with her signature smirk. "Then, it would be too easy. She'll figure it out sooner or later." Brittany gave her a confused look. Santana smiled and ushered the blonde promptly into a storage closet.


Quinn tapped at her notebook as she thought of how to solve the equation. After a few more minutes of scribbling down some sort of work, Quinn threw her pencil down. She couldn’t even focus on the numbers anymore.

All day, she had been hearing about people receiving their requests from Rachel, before the excitement of being able to go to the club. The blonde couldn’t help but feel a tug at her heart. There were plenty of things she could ask for from Rachel; however, what Rachel would ask of her was a lot different.

What would Rachel want from me? Probably, to stop being a bitch to her. However, I have been slightly nicer to her. I mean, we do talk after all. Or maybe, something ridiculous like hold my hand or something. Not that I wouldn’t mind.

Quinn halted her train of thought to a complete stop. She was lucky to stop her thoughts before they got any worse. She bit her bottom lip as she unconsciously contemplated what Rachel would ask her for.

"Seems like you are in an extremely deep state of thought right now, Quinn."

Quinn blinked and saw Rachel sliding into the seat across from her. "What's up, Rachel?"

"It has come to my attention that you have no come to approach me about this fake ID issue. If you are having second thoughts, I completely understand because as a teenager we are prone to make bad decisions that could effect how we perceive methods of attaining things that we want."

Quinn pretended to focus on what Rachel was telling her. All of the words seemed to lose its meaning and all Quinn could hear was Rachel's voice humming in the background. There she was again, as always, running her mouth off like it was nothing. She really needs to stop that but she always looked adorable doing it.

Her eyes directed themselves towards Rachel's lips. They always moved emphatically because that’s how Rachel always spoke. Everything that she had to say was emphasized. Suddenly, they stopped moving. Quinn furrowed her brows in confusion, before realizing that Rachel stopped to stare at her.

Quinn redirected her attention quickly. "What was that you said?" she asked coolly.

Rachel smiled. There was a slight glint in her eyes as Quinn realized. "I just wanted to know if you still wanted to go to the club this weekend. So I can make your IDs along with everyone else's," Rachel responded, using the least amount of words to keep the blonde's attention.

"Yeah, sure, it’s not like I have anything better to do." Rachel smiled. "What?" It was a reflexive response that Rachel seemed to anticipate. Then Quinn realized after, Rachel just smiled at her for a few moments. The blonde blushed. "Right, you want me to do something for you don’t you?"

There was supposed to be a long rambling of sentences that followed. Instead, Rachel leaned forward slowly. She curled one finger to get Quinn to move in. Dubious, Quinn leaned slowly close to Rachel, until she put up her palm for Quinn to stop moving.

"One dance with me at the club," Rachel whispered, sending shivers down Quinn's back.

Quinn shut her eyes briefly, trying to process if Rachel had seriously requested her for a dance. She felt her heart skip over itself multiple times. Nevertheless, Quinn put up a front and leaned back into her seat.

"That is simple enough. One dance, Rachel, and it better be worth it," Quinn challenged as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Rachel seemed more than please with the agreement. She stood up and gave a two finger salute. "It will be to your satisfaction."


That Friday, all of them waited patiently in the chorus room after school for Rachel to deliver her end of the bargain. They were weary about whether or not Rachel was going to deliver, seeing how Puck had already failed. However, since she was the one making the IDs herself, there were no excuses.

"I am beginning to wonder if she's going to use our real names," Kurt asked as he crossed his legs.

"She put Lea Michele for hers, so who knows?" Mercedes responded with confusion. "Who is Lea Michele anyways?"

The room buzzed slightly at the question. All of them heard of the name before but couldn’t quite place their finger on who she was. The door clicked opened, stopping their conversation.

Rachel walked in with nothing but a folder and all of them began to look worried. "If you all may please get into a nicely fashioned line," she began but all of them had already jumped out of their seats and stood before her. "Okay..." She furrowed her brows, knowing her request was not going to be met. She opened her folder. "I was contemplating on what names you should get, so I decided on something easy that each of you will remember."

All of the fake IDs were in there shining and waiting. Rachel smiled at her handiwork before passing each of them out.

"Wow, Berry, you should go into a business," Santana said in awe as she stared at her ID. The name 'Naya Rivera-Morris' printed under the lamination.

"It's very shiny," Brittany added. Hers read 'Heather Rivera-Morris'. "Wait...why do I have the same last name as Santana's?"

Rachel smiled, "It'll be useful to get into the club."

Brittany smiled a hundred watt smile. "Look, S, it's like we're married already." Santana tried to hide her blush as Puck looked at his.

"Rachel?! What's with my hair?" he exclaimed. "And what kind of name is Mark Salling?! That is totally not badass." Rachel looked at it.

"There is nothing wrong with your hair, it’s perfectly normal to have hair, Noah. The name Mark suits you well."

The rest of them didn’t have too many qualms about their names written on their IDs. Although Tina was mildly confused about how to say hers.

"Jenna...Ush....kowitz? Why do I get the hardest one to pronounce?" Tina asked.

"It's not hard at all Tina, besides you said it right anyways," Rachel said as she handed Quinn hers. Tina shrugged, she could live with it. She turned to Quinn. "Is it to your satisfaction?" she asked hopefully.

"I thought you were referring to the dance at the club that time but I guess this is to my satisfaction," Quinn quipped as she looked at hers. "Dianna Agron suits me." She dropped her voice. "If I was an aspiring director and have been doing ballet since I was three. Oh yeah, and Jewish." Rachel's eyes widened. "Yes, I know." Quinn let out a light laugh. "And yes, I am almost as pretty as she is."

She tapped Rachel's arm lightly with a smile. "I also know that Lea Michele seems to have a bit of a thing with her. I mean half Jewish, Jewish? They seem to go together pretty well considering they are both highly talented in singing and acting. But, I do have to admit, you look a lot better than Lea Michele on Spring Awakening any day."

Rachel's jaw was practically on the ground. Everything, she had thought she had been hiding well, fell through and Quinn was the only one that saw through it.

Quinn gently caressed Rachel's chin and pushed her mouth closed. Her one final goodbye in a sweet tone saying, "I shall see you tomorrow."

She walked off leaving Rachel stunned and surprisingly, turned on at the knowledge of low key actresses. Rachel smiled to herself and became more determined than ever.


Everyone arrived at the club at around 8. Rachel, of course, arrived early to make sure everyone showed up.

Quinn almost choked on her breath mint at the sight of Rachel. There was no argyle or knee socks tonight. Only sex on two legs. Her jaws dropped as they all approached Rachel. The brunette was wearing killer stiletto heels, skinny jeans that showed off her 'assets,' and a draping black blouse that barely touched her jeans as it rode up from the back. Quinn gulped.

Rachel had been standing there, legs apart, arms crossed, impatiently as she waited. Everyone took note of her messy and tousled hair that looked like she had just had sex and the light make up with a dark shade of lipstick.

"Keep it in your pants, Fabray," Puck muttered as he walked next to her.

The blonde shot Puck the dirtiest look and he instantly backed off but not before shooting her a knowing smile.

"Damn...why does Rachel look so good tonight?" Mercedes asked as she couldn’t help but stare either.

"I would do her right now," Santana added, earning a death glare from Quinn. "Me too." Brittany followed.

Kurt let out a light laugh. "That would be courtesy of moi," he stated with pride. "She asked me to give her a makeover for the night and I did."

"Hi guys!" Rachel greeted with an excited wave. She was still Rachel though. "I am glad you decided to all arrive in a timely fashion. I have to admit, I thought you would be ridiculously late."

"Hey, we can be good with time," Finn defended as he tried to keep his mouth from watering.

Rachel let out a sexy smile before guiding them to the entrance, even though Puck wanted to do it. She walked up to the bouncer and smiled.

"Hi, Rex," she greeted causing more questions to arise from her peers.

"Oh, Ms. Michele, how are you doing tonight?" Rex asked kindly. He was a strange burly man. The one that was extremely built and hardcore but inside, you know he loved fluffy animals and ice cream.

"I am doing well, thank you, Rex. A couple of friends and I are actually going to just coming by to relax and all."

"Oh, I understand," he smiled but turned a stern look just so he wouldn’t get into trouble. "I just need to check your IDs and you will be all set."

"Thank you," Rachel simply responded before patting him on the back and showing him her ID. He let her in without another glance.

The others looked at each other with shock. How the hell did Rachel Berry know the bouncer, to the newest club in town already? But none of them wanted to press, tonight was all about fun. He looked at all of their IDs without too many problems. Although, he had to question why Artie would come to a club in a wheelchair. Then Brittany and Santana wasn't an issue but more confusion, at least they were already linking arms so that their IDs seemed to match up well. Quinn's ID seemed to be the most interesting one for Rex, however he only smiled and handed her back the ID. "Good luck, Ms. Agron," he said as she walked in.

The club was already full of people with the dance floor full and the bar well occupied. The music was blasting itself through the walls as people danced (Matt and Mike were instantly at home on the dance floor). Puck had been right, this club was hot. They tried to stick with one another for awhile but that didn’t workout too well. Artie seemed to maneuver himself to a booth with Tina with Kurt and Mercedes, at least for the time being, while Puck did as he was told and sailed off around with Finn. The three Cheerios opted to mill around at the bar; Santana and Brittany insisting that Quinn try to score some free alcohol.

Rachel was nowhere in sight of course. She had disappeared right when they walked in, which was surprising to everyone.

Quinn looked around as she sat on the stool. The music was great, the atmosphere was better than she expected. However, she kept in mind her deal with Rachel. And she was pretty sure that Santana and Brittany were a little bit upset with sticking with her.

"Did you see Rachel?" Quinn yelled over the music to Mike as he walked off the dance floor to get some water. He looked around before pointing across whole dance floor. Rachel stood talking animatedly with an extremely handsome man in a black suit. The blonde squinted to see what Rachel could possibly be talking about but dismissed it; she was just annoyed that Rachel already found someone to talk to.

Quinn was slightly annoyed about how the girl looked. She looked like she was ready for a premiere event; all she needed was a sexy dress, instead of her casual clothes. However, thank the lord for denim, because her ass looked perfect in those pair of jeans. Quinn could only think of ways to get her to bend over because then there really would be a God on her side.

"How is it going, Q?" Santana asked as she handed Quinn a drink. She had already had a shot, so she was getting buzzed. Brittany was on her, sliding her hands around her waist.

Quinn took it without second thought and sipped it. "It's going great," she answered still distracted with Rachel. "Are you going to dance?"

"That sounds so good. S! Let's go!" Brittany crooned as she nibbled Santana's ear. Those two seemed to always be on each other.

"Wait, I am checking on her, can't just leave her hanging," Santana protested. "Why don’t you come dance?"

Suddenly, Rachel glanced over and looked directly at Quinn. She had been speaking to the owner for awhile, complimenting his new venue since his old bar was indeed getting old. She was lucky, she had known him or getting in wouldn’t be easy at all. Then again, getting into a bar was always risky because you had to be able to drink. However, all Rachel wanted to do was sing. It was her way of sharpening her skills.

Rachel gave a warm smile to Quinn and held up one finger. She turned back to the owner and thanked him for the lovely conversation.

If any had an ass of perfection, Rachel had to admit Quinn's was it. The years of training with the Cheerios had paid off well in every aspect of Quinn's body. Her jeans gave her butt an extra push, as did her shirt as her chest stuck out from its very low v-neck cut.

Rachel bit the bottom of her lip as she swaggered towards the three Cheerios, her eyes only set on one. As if the DJ was reading her mind, the right song came on just for her to seize and opportunity with the blonde. She continued her swagger through the dance floor, her body moving rhythmically with the song.

Quinn stared at her, jaw slacked.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me
And I really want you to get close with me.
So won’t you dance with with me.

The blonde bit her lip as she stared at Rachel making her way towards her. She looked away to Santana and Brittany who said something to her before she blushed.

My drop tops in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot.
We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

Rachel got close enough to hold up her hand and beckoned Quinn forward with a sheer curl of her finger. Quinn turned to Santana who was already wrapped up in Brittany, now she was alone.

I can see you over there just chillin' with your girlfriends, can't
Believe you’re by your self you should be hear with me, chillin' with me,
drinkin' with me, freakin' with me. Oooohhh whoa, whoa!

Rachel wiggled her eye brows and waited for Quinn to join her. You know this is our deal. Quinn's heart jumped, more like her whole body did, as she moved towards Rachel.

They were both in the middle of the dance floor. Everyone was bumping and grinding to their content as Quinn entered, trying not to get too close with some stranger.

"You wanna dance now?!" Quinn yelled over the music. God, this song is ridiculous.

Rachel smirked and just moved her lips with the song. Yep, there she goes again, singing.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me
And I really want you to get close with me.

The shorter girl's demeanor changed as she took the lead. Her hand slipped into Quinn's and placed them both onto her shoulders. She rolled her hips with the music and moved towards Quinn. Quinn stood there awkwardly as Rachel danced to her.

So won’t you dance with with me.
My drop tops in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot.

Quinn tingled as Rachel got closer. The girl's movements only encouraging her to follow. Quinn picked up the dance and began moving her hips in sync with Rachel's.

We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

When the chorus ended, Rachel moved their bodies closer, holding Quinn's waist and bringing it to hers. Their bodies colliding fully. Quinn gasped at the movement but stopped thinking for once, only to let herself enjoy this. Her hips seemed to move on their own as they danced.

Rachel ran her hands up and down Quinn's side, enough to make her feel that she was being touched. Quinn shivered at the touch but never stopped moving. She slid one hand down Rachel's back and the other through her hair.

I can see it in your eyes that you’re looking at the time. You wanna
Leave this party and I know you wanna leave with me. To chill with me, to
Drink with me, to freak with me, oh baby!

She bit her lip unconsciously. Her body was getting hotter and hotter as Rachel added more friction between their bodies. Their knees in between each others' legs as their chests pressed against each other. Quinn never felt more turned on in her life as they moved their hips together, riding the rhythm to their satisfaction.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me
And I really want you to get close with me.

Quinn dropped her hands down Rachel's back all the way down to her waist to get more of Rachel, all of Rachel, against her. Her body naturally screaming for the sensual experience. She could hear Rachel's slight gasp as if the music was never there, only encouraging her to tighten her grip.

So won’t you dance with with me.
My drop tops in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot.

Rachel was in the perfect position and pressed her lips against Quinn's neck. She could feel Quinn's pulse beating wildly under her lips. Quinn's hands found their way tangled into her hair.

We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

The blonde pulled her back and smiled. Her hazel eyes shining with arousal as their hips moved unconsciously together. She bit the urge to laugh at how good Rachel felt against her.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me
And I really want you to get close with me.

Suddenly, Quinn peeled Rachel's hands off her waist and spun her around. Rachel thoroughly enjoying the gesture as Quinn pressed firmly against her back. She could feel the heat beneath Quinn's waist against her ass.

So won’t you dance with with me.
My drop tops in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot.

Quinn held Rachel's hands in hers and used them both to run it up and down Rachel's torso. Their fingers interlaced, as Rachel leaned back more towards Quinn and felt their hands all over her. Quinn stopped at Rachel's waist and directed her hips.

The friction and heat built between the two. There was no denying it anymore. Quinn dropped her head down on Rachel's neck and began slowly licking it. Rachel throwing her head back further just so Quinn could get better access. Both of their jeans possibly getting damper with each second.

We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

Rachel did the unthinkable and turned her head. She nudged Quinn's face and brought their lips together. It was sloppy, yet exhilarating. Everyone could be looking but it didn’t matter. She opened her mouth slightly and welcomed Quinn's tongue in.

Quinn felt every ounce of denial slip away as her tongue dueled with Rachel's. It felt too good to kiss Rachel that she couldn’t deny it anymore. She wanted the annoying Smurfette and she wanted her bad.

Everybody sing along....
If you sexy and you know it clap your hands

The two pulled away only to breathe but plastered their faces with smiles. Quinn allowing Rachel to clap as she ran her hands up her body, feeling the firm stomach underneath the fabric, and cupped her breast. Rachel gasped and pressed back further into Quinn.

If you sexy and you know it clap your hands

Quinn let go and began clapping. Rachel reached back and grabbed Quinn's ass to pull them together. She wanted Quinn against her. She needed her.

If you sexy and you know it and you really wanna show it,
If you sexy and you know it clap your hands~~Yeah!

They both raised their hands to clap, along with the rest of the club, their bodies never parting from one another. They continued their dance as if the music was no longer playing. Everything in the background began to fade into nothing, leaving them as a singular point. Nothing but two bodies pressed hotly against each other.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me
And I really want you to get close with me.
So won’t you dance with with me.

The chorus seemed to be nonexistent. Quinn could only feel Rachel's hand in her back pocket as she gingerly brought her lips back down on the girl's neck. Rachel released all of her stress and plans from her mind and focused only on Quinn's lips trailing up and down. Her jeans getting tighter and wetter.

My drop tops in the parking lot
and I wanna take you back to my spot.
We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

Rachel couldn’t help herself. She needed Quinn. She needed to see her. She whipped her body around and saw Quinn, flushed and out of breath. The sight only brought her to force their bodies back together, Quinn letting out a noticeable gasp. However, she welcomed the contact as she slid her hand to Rachel's back again.

I see you looking at me
I can tell by your eyes that you’re feeling me

Rachel slid her hands down Quinn's back and right onto the curve of her ass. She bit her lip at the shape and firmness before squeezing it towards her.

And I really want you to get close with me.

Quinn jerked her body against Rachel's. She pulled her head back, stunned, while Rachel smirked at her. She smiled as she leaned her head down and pressed their lips together. The first time was amazing, the second time was extraordinary.

So won’t you dance with with me.
My drop tops in the parking lot
And I wanna take you back to my spot.

The dancing between them stopped completely. Everything literally melted into nothingness around them as they were left together in their own world. The music dull in the background with no other sensation than their lips pressed together. The heat and passion replaced every past spat of anger and frustration as Rachel realized. Quinn held back more than she let on, her lips saying everything that Rachel wanted to hear, and responding generously to everything Rachel wanted to feel. 

We can snuggle a little, more time to us.
So won’t you dance with with me!

The two pulled their lips apart and gently rested their heads against one another. Their heart rate soared and their breaths escaped them completely. It didn’t take long before the new song started but they stood still, staring at each other with a smile only they could decipher.

"Is that to your satisfaction?" Rachel asked over the music as she smiled at the blonde. Her hair tousled even more as a drop of sweat slid down her neck.

Quinn bit her lip. She couldn’t take just looking at Rachel anymore. She was satisfied. For now. "Let's go," Quinn yelled over the music.

Rachel saved her breath as she saw the hunger in Quinn's eyes and led them off the dance floor and out of the club. Both of them could hear the hooting and hollering of their friends as they left.

Yeah, Rachel Berry got Quinn by the end of the night. Three times on the way home.

It didn’t take long before Rachel suggested they change their fake ID names to Michele-Agron.

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I'm glad you're better now, and YAY for something new and dancy!

Of course, since it's 5AM right now where I live I'll just get ready to go to work, but when I'm there, I'll totally read this :D just wanted to give you a hug first


There \XD/

awww thanks for the hug =] i really appreciate it! XD i hope you enjoy it once you read it~

Yes! (Kinda like jewfro after push it) Everything I could imagine and then some. I really enjoyed ninja!Rachel having all the connections and being a pro ID maker.
I agree with Quinn's sentiments about the song... but I have a feeling it might be a new favorite of hers.

oh god i remember that scene XD and yes...the song, just might be quinn's favorite

lol i am glad you liked it and thanks for the read =]!

This is so sweet! I don't think I know what song that is but I will look it up. I love how Rachel is so sleek. Totally believable. Great way to hook them up together! I loves it.

lolol thanks for reading =]! sleek Rachel is so sexy

I prefer you in good spirits and writing, glad you're fine again.

I keep picturing Kurt singing the song with Finn and Puck in the back lyrics for some reason and it cracks me up. Ok, on with the fic.

The two lifes of Rachel Berry, it suits her being capable of fabricate fake IDs XD. This is funny and hot - great, great dance scene - and I approved of all of it wholeheartedly.

aww thanks and LOLOL Kurt singing this song?? LOLers XD

thanks for reading it =]! and i love your icon <3 kagami~

Oh my god i LOVE this! i laughed so hard you have no idea.

~Obvious icon is obvious.

ahahahahah thanks for reading it and im glad you enjoyed it

kudos to your icon XDD

(Deleted comment)
hahahah Rachel Berry as a badass should be THE thing, just saying lol

i am glad you enjoyed it thanks for reading =] and thanks, i just always need a good dose of writing to lift my spirits~

Great song! I love it too. I also love how you used the actor's/actress's names for their IDs. That was pretty funny =) Wonderful job!

hahah thanks for reading it =]

Wow, great fic. loved the club scenes and double-life Rachel is sexy! Great job!!!

Re: Freaking Awesome!!

yess double-life Rachel is sooo hott XD i really want a spy!AU now...lololol

thanks for reading it =]

I love badass!Rachel and you wrote her so well!
The dance scene was fantastic!

ahahah thank you, i've been working harder on the characterisations so im glad you liked it =]

ps i love silvia/pepa

OMG, That was amazing. Seriously, so well written, and you really got their voices perfectly. :D
You're awesome.

ahahahaha thank youuu =] im glad you really liked it!

Very nice! Love badass Rachel! And all her requests were nicely thought out and funny. I especially love how Finn ended up doing more than he wanted lol. The dancing was hot!

lololol i always love picking on Finn he's soo entertaining to pick on XD he just doesnt think straight half of the time XDD

i am glad you enjoyed it =]!

(Deleted comment)
I remember someone mentioning this song and I knew it would be good. Beyond good, blew me away. Love it. Thanks heaps for sharing

=] thanksss i am glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!

Badass!Rachel is always welcome and such a hot image ;)
I like that Puck/Rachel interaction, they make a great match.
The ID's names were a total win!!

hahaha yess XD i've always had a soft spot for Rachel/Puck, only as friends though because they seem funnier like that than anything more

thanks for reading =]!

This was a great read. Rachel having a BA did I ever not think of that before. Of course Rachel Berry would rock like that!

Quinn talking about The Agron, and Lea, and Spring Awakening was FAN-TASTIC. I lol'd. And, d'aww, Rivera-Morris <3.

Santana in this, oh, be still my heart. Never change, ever.

first off...i dont think i can EVER get over your icon...everytime i see it i die of sheer joy, abgron FTW!

lolol Quinn is very enlightened with real people XDD and Rivera-Morris...a girl can dream XDD

thanks for reading it and im glad you liked it! =D




yeah totally loved this.

lololololol <3 your wording hahaha

thanks for reading and enjoying =]

hahaha! i love how rachel involved everyone just to get her bb! love love

rachel has to utilize all of the tools in the tool box XDD especially for quinn

im glad that you liked it and thanks for reading =D!

LMAO at Rachel making the IDs! And using the cast's names was just great :D

Awesome fic - hot, well-developed, and I love the payments Rachel wanted from all of them XD

Thanks for the read!

ahah thanks for the reading and commenting I could not resist the meta references at all soo I am glad you liked it =]

xD loved it. and the last line made me giggle

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